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film camera

Sometimes it is nice to get back to basics, and one way to do that is to pull out an old manual film camera, a roll of black and white filmView full post »

Wildlife Photography

I have always been fascinated by wildlife. Big cats, canids, birds…as long as it is not a snake that I don’t know about. TheyView full post »

Abstract Paintings

Tree of Life, Oil on canvas 36″ X 48″ commissioned piece.View full post »

Pet Portrait, Paintings

What started out as something to do to help my local animal shelter, became something popular through word of mouth. Here are someView full post »

Pet Portrait Photography

I have always had a great love of photographing animals and anticipating when they are going to give you “that” look. ForView full post »

Experimental Photography

As an abstract artist I enjoy seeing where I can push my photography to beyond what you would normally see. Sometimes changing theView full post »

Landscapes & Nature

One of my guilty pleasures is photographing landscapes and the natural beauty that is around us. There is no greater joy than to wanderView full post »